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Orange Grove Siesta is called insomnia Buster. It is a natural drug-free treatment for insomnia. Recommended for people with busy minds, children with sleeping problems.

Insomnia is a serious disorder, and effective treatment can be crucial to getting the sleep you need. An exceptional treatment for insomnia, this track is especially popular with women when an overly busy mind which prevents sleep. It provides a calm atmosphere in the home, classroom or office. Reiki masters in particular recommend this music. Composed and performed by John Levine, his accompanying musicians improvise throughout the piece and their sound experiments create variance in timbre, without disturbing the overall artistic music expression. The compositions are enriched by a variety of balanced and well-matched instruments. The mesmerising tones of the Australian digeridoo weave through the music, adding an entrancing quality and special depth. 

Reported Listener Benefits

* Insomnia sufferers; rapid relief from sleeping problems.
* Inspires creativity, aids communication
* Helps create a co-operative atmosphere, for example, when children are at creative play
* Deeply calming: helps when taking time out and with sleeplessness
* Restless children? Highly recommended
* Settles and calms whirling thoughts
* Natural cure for insomnia (busy mind, popular among women and children)
* Excellent for high security dementia wards
* ADHD – excellent help for teachers and parents

Composer and pianist, John Levine, based this work on the centuries–old use of pentatonic and lydian scales. Musical tension builds up slowly with no rush or rough discords. The spherical sounds can bring you to an alpha state within 4 minutes. 

John Levine has vast experience as a composer and as a teacher of meditation. He believes that music has a powerful effect on the brain and can be designed to induce specific positive changes in mood and behaviour.

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

John’s Alphamusic is the future!

Ewa Jamitzky, Finance Professional from Sevenoaks, Kent

Complementary therapies are my new discovery. The subject recently became so fascinating to me that I decided to investigate more. I’ve heard people talking about mindfulness, meditation and so on but I never thought it was for me. It started, however, with the energy. At some stage of my life I noticed the energy circulating between my hands. I felt good vibrations and I decided to go a step further and learn reiki. Now, this is my hobby. I practice it after work, at the weekend, mainly with my friends and neighbours. I remember one of my first sessions. My neighbour came to me with a headache and I put my hands over her head to start the healing process. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her toe, so we stopped the session and went to read more on this subject as I was unfamiliar with reflexology at that time. I didn’t know what could have been responsible for it. Then I read that there is a connection between the head and the reflex points on the big toe.  After several sessions, she felt much better. I was so happy I was able to help.
I came across Alphamusic by John Levine through the health store on the High Street in Sevenoaks. I found out that Alphamusic was going to be presented on a recorded concert at Knole Academy. So, I went along with my friend. This was my first contact with Alphamusic. At the concert I felt very grounded, very still and my spirit was very high. It was an absolutely amazing feeling. The atmosphere at the concert was incredible. In my opinion, Alphamusic is not just therapeutic music, it brings much more to life.
After the concert, I went to read more on John’s website and I bought couple of downloads. My first choice was The Last Dragonfly, which I bought with the intention to be used by my son and ended up using it myself as well. I also got 7 Chakras, which is great for chakra clearing – I absolutely love it. Considering the fact that people have different problems and kinds of different days, I knew I would need many more of John’s albums. Each track is recommended for a different purpose. Orange Grove Siesta is for insomnia and Silence of Peace for stress. I also fell in love with Silence of Voice, which is great for communication and expression of yourself. I found Alphamusic fascinating. It really put you into an alpha state. This has been scientifically tested and confirmed by hundreds of users. If money wasn’t an issue, I would recommend all of John’s music to everyone! It certainly is a good health investment.
My son was going through the school exams to 11+ classes at the time. I thought that Alphamusic would really help him. The last two tracks from The Last Dragonfly album are aimed to enhance the concentration. I noticed that he was actually sitting and doing his homework, not being distracted. This was really difficult for him before. The Last Dragonfly is quite aggressive music recommended for youngsters who live in a different, loud and fast world. This music reaches them and then step by step slows the busy minds to the alpha state. The last two tracks aim to relax in the alpha state which helps concentrate better, absorb more and stay open minded to new ideas.
I started to benefit as well. I listened to Alphamusic before my work and I noticed that I became more focused. I no longer have problems with speaking my ideas or expressing myself. The music affected me more than my son. He likes it, but I love it.

When you are finance professional and you deal with numbers and work under pressure to meet the deadlines, it is extremely important to stay focused. You cannot lose your concentration or make mistakes as this could lead to further consequences. This is a new generation of problems we are facing now. People easily get stressed, lose control, are getting anxious and don’t always know how to deal with it. This could lead to tension, unpleasant situations which could have been easily avoided if they knew the proper stress free techniques. This is exactly where John’s Alphamusic is helping. If people ever ask me about how to get through a job interview and the techniques used in work to calm themselves down or to avoid stress or anxiety, I immediately respond: Alphamusic. I believe there will be more questions like that asked at the job interviews soon, as companies want to hire employees who can work under pressure, deal with stress easily, and move on quickly to the next tasks. Employers want to know if people are aware of any techniques to help to calm them down etc. I think that playing John’s Alphamusic in the background or through headphones to chill and calm down for a moment is one of the best techniques. I use it still myself.

Stress can also lead to insomnia, which is a plague of our times. The employer doesn’t care if you had a bad day or didn’t sleep at night; you are expected to perform up to the best standards. The pressure and tiredness can lead to mistakes, unwise decisions or accidents. So listening to such music makes you relax and makes your awareness work at the same time. The mind is stimulated to be fast, sharp, flexible, inventive, responsive, better concentrated, more aware about what is going on. I listen to John’s Alphamusic before my work and look forward to what the day can bring for me. I find this absolutely amazing.

There is a big difference between relaxation or new age music and John’s Alphamusic. They are in different dimensions. John’s music brings intention with the music, puts you into an alpha state. It affects your body, spirit and mind. Silence of Heart, for example, will influence your heart. I know practitioners are using this track to deal with heart problems. It regulates the heartbeat, improves the circulation, and encourages self-healing process. That is why I found this fascinating. I cannot find the words to describe it. John’s Alphamusic is the future!
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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Alphamusic launches revolutionary new music streaming service


For Immediate Release

Alphamusic launches revolutionary new music streaming service

Alphamusic, the natural musical remedy creators, are thrilled to announce the launch of their new music streaming service. The service will allow users to subscribe to a database featuring all of the Alphamusic albums – including the bestseller, Silence of Peace – for the low monthly fee of £3.99. Perfect for professionals, this means that therapists can have 24hr roaming access to proven complimentary Alphamusic in seconds.
Alphamusic is currently being used by hundreds of therapists across the UK alone, as a complimentary aid to everything from Reiki to Massage Therapy. The reported benefits are that Alphamusic helps to relax patients and customers, allowing them to naturally calm both their mind and body and benefit more fully from the treatment being provided.
John Levine, the composer of Alphamusic, is thrilled with the new music streaming service: “For years I’ve seen the positive effects that Alphamusic can have, and heard first hand from both therapists and individual users the benefits that Alphamusic naturally provides. It’s great that all of the titles will now be accessible in such an easy and practical way, so more people can enjoy and experience its calming results.”
Whilst the individual consumer would undoubtedly enjoy access to the complete Alphamusic library, the revolutionary new streaming service has been designed with therapists in mind. Various Alphamusic titles have been reported as being specifically beneficial for different ailments - Orange Grove Siesta for insomnia, for example, and Silence of Vision for pain relief. With the new streaming service, therapists now have access to every title at the touch of a button, allowing them to target their patient’s issues more effectively with their complimentary music.
Furthermore, additional licence fees are a thing of the past. With the licensing contribution built into the bargain subscription fee of £3.99 a month, therapists needn’t worry about renewing licences or accounting for the extra cost they incur. Not only does this offer peace of mind, it also allows therapists to be more flexible with how and where they play their music.
By subscribing to the new streaming service, therapists can also say goodbye to the restraints of the CD. With the streaming service available to access on laptop, tablet or phone, the ability to stream hundreds of Alphamusic songs makes mobile therapy that much easier. Users can even favourite their preferred titles, making sure that they are top of the list when it comes to naturally enhancing the benefits of their treatment.
John Levine and the Alphamusic team will be discussing the new streaming service at this year’s Camexpo, (London, 24th-25th September), and are looking forward to meeting lots of eager and interested professionals. Pop over to stall 1821 to find out more.

T: 0792 0058 449

Notes to the Editor:
Alphamusic is a tried and tested natural music remedy that has shown to be effective for a whole host of common ailments. Alphamusic is decidedly not new-age; whilst new-age music simply attempts to create a peaceful atmosphere through pleasing sounds, Alphamusic is founded upon scientific research into brainwave activity and the influence of music on the mind.

From insomnia, ADHD in children and anxiety, the scientific brainwave research that Alphamusic is based upon regulates alpha waves in the brain and works to calm the mind. This can either allow space for focus, relief from stress or the ability to achieve a restful night’s sleep.

Alphamusic is the brainchild of the Australian composer John Levine. John studied classical music academically, graduating from Sydney University with a prestigious Bachelors of Music (Composition) degree.

Selected Research Papers:
EEG – 2005-2006 - Biofeedback Neurotherapy program
EEG – 2006 - Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease
Cambridge University – 2005 – Bridgman Report - Can the use of Alphamusic in humanities lessons improve the behaviour and academic performance of adolescent boys with behavioural difficulties?
Dentist’s research – 2003 – Published in International Association for Dental Research - Does Music during a Dental Treatment Make a Difference?

Thursday, 1 September 2016

How to overcome insomnia

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is a state when your normal sleep pattern is disturbed. It is a sleeping disorder which makes it impossible to go to sleep.

It can appear in few different ways:

· difficulty falling asleep, frequent among young people
· regular waking up during the night, frequent among older people
· waking up too early in the morning
· not being refresh enough to function normally despite having few hours of sleep

Insomnia affects 1 in 3 people worldwide.
US Department of Health and Human Services conducted a survey which showed horrifying results of 64 million Americans who declare they suffer from insomnia each year.
In the United Kingdom approximately 7.5 million people are said to wrestle with this problem.

These statistics show how major the problem is.

Insomnia can be caused by numerous of factors.
Among the most common are:
  • Drugs or stimulants such us medications, caffeine, ephedrine, methamphetamine
  • Noises from the outside such as traffic, snoring, loud music or neighbors
  • Hormones shift common among women
  • Antibiotics
  • Stress, anxiety, worries
  • Sleep disorder caused by disturbances of the circadian rhythm (common among travelers)

In some cases, insomnia is usually caused by a different disease, side effects from tablets or a mental problem.

Long lasting chronic insomnia can lead to psychological health problems such as depression, alcohol or pills addiction in order to gain sleep.

Prescribing or taking any medication to prevent or avoid insomnia shall be the last resort.
There are other non invasive methods to cease the problem.

1. Start from setting an hour which is going to be your bed time moment. Repeat the activity each day unless your sleep pattern stabilizes.
2. Before going to bed try to relax by listening to the soothing music such as the one which switches your brainwaves from stressful beta to a calm alpha state.

3. Try to avoid naps during the day, when possible

4. Start thinking positively and try to avoid thinking about the next day activities such as work responsibilities. What has to be done will be done the next day, so stop thinking all the time and try to switch off from everyday problems.

5. Keep away from caffeine products, especially few hours before you go to sleep

6. Use comfortable bed and pillows

7. Let alone the alarm clock. When set up, it will wake you up at the specified moment.

8. Do more exercises

Try the above methods to overcome insomnia and share your experience with others

Resource box
Amazing drug free relief tool which is highly recommended by both professionals such as Patrick Holford, world renowned nutrition expert and Dr Marina Rose from Aston University and Birmingham Children Hospital and those who already tried it, can be found at site

Monday, 29 August 2016

Paid volunteers wanted CAMEXPO

Hello All,

Hope you’re well.

As I’m sure you’re aware, camexpo – the complementary and natural health event of the year – is soon to take place on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September. I’m thrilled to announce that the Alphamusic stall will be exhibiting again for another year, and I’m looking for your help.   

Alphamusic has proven to work time and time again as a complimentary aid for a range of therapies, from Reiki and Shiatsu Massage to Hypnotherapy and Aromatherapy. I’m looking for two therapists who use my music to volunteer for the camexpo, helping to share their experiences with other professionals.

camexpo is the biggest show for the therapists in the UK, and with it being just around the corner, it’s a fantastic opportunity that simply cannot be missed.

In return for volunteering your time and experience, we will be offering:
·      FREE entry to the camexpo show for both Saturday and Sunday
·      Invaluable experience working within a busy and renowned trade show environment
·      FREE CD’s from the Alphamusic range
·      FREE promotional activity across social media and email marketing, provided by an experienced and professional marketing company
·      Prime opportunity to gain new business/client contacts who are actively interested in your line of work

Why not join us and do something different? This opportunity could change your life.

If you’re interested in volunteering for Alphamusic at this year’s renowened camexpo show, please send a letter of interest - including a bio of yourself and work - to or call 020 3239 8108.

I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have, and I can’t wait to make a difference with you.

Kindest regards,
John Levine

Thursday, 25 August 2016

ADHA case study

Therapist recommending Alphamusic: Jacqui Taylor, aromatherapist
Client : Adam G.
Date of Birth : 30.07.1999
Diagnosed Condition : ADHA
Medication initially prescribed by referred doctor : Ritalin ( not given )
Nutrition prescribed: Omega 3, Multi vitamin / mineral
Alpha Music used : Little Sea Shells , Silence of Heart, Silence of Peace
Essential Oils used : Brain Power ( YL combination blend ), Peace and Calming ( YL combination blend ) , Lavender, • Brain Power – contains: Frankincense ( Boswellia Carteri)
Sandalwood (Santalum Album)
Melissa (Melissa Officinalis)
Cedarwood ( Cedrus Atlantica)
Blue Cypress (Callitris Intratropica)
Lavender (Lavendula Augustifolia)
Helichrysum (Helichrysum Italicum)
• Peace and Calming – contains : Blue Tansy( Tanacetum Annuum)
Patchouli ( Pogostemon Cablin)
Tangerine (Citrus Nobilis)
Orange (Citrus Sinensis)
Ylang Ylang (Cananga Odorata)
• Lavender ( Lavendula Augustifolia)
Consultation notes: Adam was bought to me in March 2008 with severe attention difficulties and behavioural problems. His parents had been referred to a behavioural specialist by his school as they could not cope with his disruption in the classroom. The main factor seemed to be his lack of proper deep sleep at night due to his fidgeting and interest in other things! Adam is extremely intelligent however, if not stimulated and kept focused at school he tended to misbehave.
I prescribed the use of the Silence of Peace and Calming combination oil to be applied to the sole of his feet nightly and to use the Lavender and Brain Power combination oil on his big toes only. Adam was to use the music every night at bed time via his stereo speakers (choice of 3, chosen using kinesiology muscle testing specifically for him). The Omega 3 and vit /min were to be taken at breakfast time.
After only 4 days Adam’s parents described him as a different child!
Adam has now, after 16months, established a routine for himself applying his own oils (as instructed) and choosing his own music every night. He even takes his CD’s and oils with him when he travels He takes the bottle of lavender essential oil in his rucksack to school and if he begins to feel naughty he inhales the oil and then puts it back in the bag. He says it always stops him from being bad at school! He falls asleep instantly now and has a good undisturbed sleep. Even the teachers have commented about the change in his behaviour at school. Only the Doctor that prescribed the Ritalin seems to be unhappy!

Case study: Parkinsons

Client : Rochelle B.
Date of Birth : 06.07.1959
Diagnosed Condition : Parkinsons Disease
Profession : Managing Director of Building Company.
Medication initially prescribed by referred doctor : Thyroxin, Rasagaline
Nutrition prescribed: See supplement chart
Alpha Music used : Silence of Peace, Orange Grove Siesta,
Essential Oils used : Vitex (Vitex Agnus Castus) , Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) , Lavender ( Lavendula Augustifolia) , YL Raindrop Technique Kit
Raindrop Technique kit : Oregano (Origanum compactum)
Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)
Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)
Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens)
Marjoram (Origanum majorana )
Peppermint ( Mentha piperita)
Consultation notes: Rochelle first came to see me on 11.05.2007. She had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (confirmed with DAT scan). She was experiencing tremors in the right hand, arm and right leg and had neck and shoulder pain due to spasms in the muscles. She was also understandably, extremely emotional, not wanting to spend her later years in a wheel chair, as had been implied by her consultant. She has an extremely stressful job and does not seem to manage the stress very efficiently.
My treatments were specifically tailored to reducing the stress levels in her body, helping her emotionally and eliminating the tremors.
I specifically chose the Alpha CD’s using Kinesiology muscle testing, to help her relax and calm down and advised her to use them regularly, on her headphones, when she was feeling stressed . She seemed to calm down a great deal when using the CD’s in her treatments.
The oils were chosen specifically to calm down the central nervous system and applied using a full body massage. The raindrop technique was used every 4th treatment to ensure an anti- viral effect on the body and deep detox effect to eliminate the acidity from the body. Home treatment was given to Rochelle to apply essential oils of Vitex to the base of the feet, and Palo Santo and Lavender to the big toes every night.
Rochelle has had regular fortnightly treatments and has continued to improve beyond expectation. Her tremors have reduced; she now has techniques to control her stress levels and is positive that the condition is under control. Her last check up surprised even her consultant, at which he described her condition as now, Benign Parkinsons!
Therapist: Jacqui Taylor, aromatherapist