Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Alphamusic – calming music for teachers
Brain waves, alpha music and productive calmness!!
This type of music, the alpha music, called Silence of Peace by John Levine would work great if you put as a background music in your classroom. It will calm your students down and helps them concentrate on the activity that they are doing. Students enjoy using this music as a study aid, insisting that “Silence of Peace” quiets the mind and makes it easier to focus, absorb and retain information. So I took the CD and put it in my classroom while my students were working on an activity. I noticed a big change in the atmosphere. It was much calmer and the kids were able to focus more. This is the second time I post about this music because it works like magic and every teacher who is suffering from a hyperactive classroom would love this.

This is what the alpha music did to the students!
They were working and concentrating on their work!
What does Alpha music do:
• Reduces stress and anxiety, calms down
• Settles down hyperactive behaviour
• Feelings of panic or being overwhelmed subside
• Children as young as 3 often go into a quiet state when they listen to it and children of all ages find this music relaxes them and gives them easy access to their imagination.
With this type of calming music, my students sit quietly in the story corner, without me having to tell them to do so.   It is the alpha music!
Miss Farah, a teacher

For more information about Silence of Peace vol1, please visit:
For the research regarding the use of Alphamusic in schools, visit:

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